Welcome to this temporary website on my graduation project, at the Hyperbody Reseach Group in the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. The project for the time being, is called 'Archtctr2.0'. Here I will keep a log during the project. Feel free to browse and react.

Archtctr2.0 project summary.

  • Everything is getting more and more connected nowadays. Online social networks like Myspace or Facebook, ubiquitous mobile communication, the Global Positionioning System (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (think of Google Earth) emerged. Gaming became more physical (Nintendo Wii, Nike+). 'Locative art' was born. Companies exploited new possibilities using coupled databases like Amazon. Practically all information is being digitized and made available globally. Physical things like people, buildings and cities were added to ‘hyperspace’ resulting in an explosive network linking the virtual world to the physical world.

  • Archtctr2.0 is interdisciplinary; it combines information and communication technology, new media, game design and electronics. A technical and psychological challenge: Can a spatial interface help us making sense of the ever growing complexity around us? And if it can; how do we design these spaces?

  • Archtctr2.0 resulted in a conceptual design spanning the earth. A virtual info-layer, like the ozone layer, with infinite thickness is imagined. In this layer everything is linked. Nodes representing people or places are settled on their current location. Nodes without a specific geographical location float to a balanced-out destination. The more connections a node has, the bigger it gets, and the higher its position above earth. This is 'Phyrtual space'; where the virtual meets the physical; where data and our tangible world mix.

  • Archtctr2.0 allows exploring the aggregate of 'all' information, people and locations in life-size. The starting point is your personal node surrounded by semi-transparent, penetrable tunnels. You make a selection of your interests by means of an intuitive interface. Now the amount of tunnels increases or decreases and the space expands or shrinks. Entering a tunnel sets you on a journey, traveling at an adjustable speed. The self-organizing property of the network yields opportunities for stops and detours. You will discover new places, meet new people and learn.


Me (re404) on last.fm | January 12, 2009 @ 5:18 pm

My reccomendations, according to Anthony Liekens:

 AFX  Alamo Race Track   Apparat   Arovane   Athlete   Bola   British Sea Power   Chris Clark   Cylob   Delays   Doves   DuvelDuvel   Editors   Elbow   Embrace   Gescom   I Am Kloot   ISAN   JJ72   Kettel   Luke Vibert   Mouse on Mars   Ochre   Opgezwolle   Polygon Window   Prefuse 73   Proem   Saybia   Seefeel   Speedy J   Sticks & Delic   The Bees   The Black Dog   The Cinematics   The Flashbulb   The Frames   The Future Sound of London   The National   The Opposites   The Tuss   The Zutons   Two Lone Swordsmen   Typhoon   Venetian Snares   Voicst   Wagon Christ   Wisp   Zita Swoon   dEUS   µ-Ziq 

Source: http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/recommend.php?user=re404&type=overall

A nice WordPress plug-in on: http://rick.jinlabs.com/code/lastfm/

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TouchGraphs are beautiful. | January 7, 2009 @ 6:08 pm

The guys at TouchGraph did a good job with their Java-based-visualizations:


The TouchGraph Google Browser reveals the network of connectivity between websites, as reported by Google’s database of related sites.

Me on Facebook.

TouchGraph Facebook Remko Siemerink

Me on Google:

TouchGraph Google Remko Siemerink

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The Year in Social Media: 2008; Meat and potatoes. | January 3, 2009 @ 2:42 pm

A nice and very extensive article on 2008 in social networking..

Also featured on that website:


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07.01.11 : Revised study plan (v1.1). (PDF)
07.01.11 : Hans' reaction.
07.01.10 : First (v1.0) version of the study plan. (PDF)


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