Welcome to this temporary website on my graduation project, at the Hyperbody Reseach Group in the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. The project for the time being, is called 'Archtctr2.0'. Here I will keep a log during the project. Feel free to browse and react.

Archtctr2.0 project summary.

  • Everything is getting more and more connected nowadays. Online social networks like Myspace or Facebook, ubiquitous mobile communication, the Global Positionioning System (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (think of Google Earth) emerged. Gaming became more physical (Nintendo Wii, Nike+). 'Locative art' was born. Companies exploited new possibilities using coupled databases like Amazon. Practically all information is being digitized and made available globally. Physical things like people, buildings and cities were added to ‘hyperspace’ resulting in an explosive network linking the virtual world to the physical world.

  • Archtctr2.0 is interdisciplinary; it combines information and communication technology, new media, game design and electronics. A technical and psychological challenge: Can a spatial interface help us making sense of the ever growing complexity around us? And if it can; how do we design these spaces?

  • Archtctr2.0 resulted in a conceptual design spanning the earth. A virtual info-layer, like the ozone layer, with infinite thickness is imagined. In this layer everything is linked. Nodes representing people or places are settled on their current location. Nodes without a specific geographical location float to a balanced-out destination. The more connections a node has, the bigger it gets, and the higher its position above earth. This is 'Phyrtual space'; where the virtual meets the physical; where data and our tangible world mix.

  • Archtctr2.0 allows exploring the aggregate of 'all' information, people and locations in life-size. The starting point is your personal node surrounded by semi-transparent, penetrable tunnels. You make a selection of your interests by means of an intuitive interface. Now the amount of tunnels increases or decreases and the space expands or shrinks. Entering a tunnel sets you on a journey, traveling at an adjustable speed. The self-organizing property of the network yields opportunities for stops and detours. You will discover new places, meet new people and learn.


CV | December 9, 2008 @ 3:12 pm

MSc. Remko Siemerink


Baljuwstraat 25

3039 AK Rotterdam

The Netherlands

51°55′37.40″N, 4°27′51.62″E




“Information architect”[1] with a broad interest in innovative technology, old and new media and research within these areas.


Born 2-9-1981, Oldenzaal, The Netherlands.




Graduated January 2008 with honorable mention concerning special insight in the importance of digital technologies and related developments for society and architecture.



A deep love for language.

Fluently speaking and writing English and German. Minimal understanding of French and Spanish.



“Archtctr2.0”; a project about the fusion of the physical and the virtual, social networks, databases and (electronic) interaction. Further reading on http://archtctr2.0.viernulvier.nl.



Other student projects worth mentioning



> “Simplicity vs. Complexity”. A housing project in Delft, The Netherlands.

Successful design of a housing complex, where simple rules lead to complex arrangements.



> Hyperbody Space Hotel. Outer space.

An interactive design for an imaginary space hotel. After the project I was asked to become a student-assistant at Hyperbody’s.



> A Maglev train station for Rotterdam. Border Conditions Studio, lead by Sang Lee.

In this project I was taught that one needs not be too rational. Complex double-curved shapes created a roof for a sub-urban transport hub at a massive scale.



> Bamboostic. An interactive installation for the Game Set Match II conference, TU Delft.

A very successful installation design featuring bending bamboo-sticks, computer controlled pneumatics and a goldfish. More information and a movie to be found here.



Work experience



> IBAS Media Consult, Delft, The Netherlands.

Performing graphics and functional design of some websites. Working within a team of consultants and programmers.


> Other web work.


Since 1999

Viernulvier.nl. Personal domain, set up with friends. Our own space on the Internet for presentation, experiments, activities and fascinations, especially in the field of design.



Some websites for companies and one for a scientific conference at the TU Delft.


2001 / 2002

> Pantheon//

Editor of Pantheon//, the magazine of the architecture student organization Stylos. Responsible for design and content. We developed a very successful restyling that is still used nowadays. I made several contributions, such as articles on mobile architecture and “colonization of the virtual space.”



> Student-assistant, Hyperbody, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft.

Assisting students in learning to use the Virtools software and developing concepts on interactive architecture.




Internship; design, development, coordination and implementation of the “Muscle” project for the “Non Standard Architecture exhibition in Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.



> Helpdesk ICT, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft.


2006 / 2007

> Architecture Library, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft.




> Jasper de Haan Architecten, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Architectural design of several dwellings.


Since January 2008

> buro.la

Established my own domain for (interactive and architectural) projects.


Since March 2008

> Hyperbody, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft.

Researcher on architecture and interactivity.




Extensive experience with CAD, graphical, print, web and game development software.

CAD: Autocad, Maya, Pro/Engineer

Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Pagemaker / Indesign, Coreldraw

Internet: Flash, Dreamweaver, HomeSite

Game development: Virtools


Basic programming experience in HTML, javascript, visual basic, flash actionscript and MEL.

[1] As stated by Prof. ir. Kas Oosterhuis at my diploma presentation.


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07.01.11 : Revised study plan (v1.1). (PDF)
07.01.11 : Hans' reaction.
07.01.10 : First (v1.0) version of the study plan. (PDF)


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