Welcome to this temporary website on my graduation project, at the Hyperbody Reseach Group in the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. The project for the time being, is called 'Archtctr2.0'. Here I will keep a log during the project. Feel free to browse and react.

Archtctr2.0 project summary.

  • Everything is getting more and more connected nowadays. Online social networks like Myspace or Facebook, ubiquitous mobile communication, the Global Positionioning System (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (think of Google Earth) emerged. Gaming became more physical (Nintendo Wii, Nike+). 'Locative art' was born. Companies exploited new possibilities using coupled databases like Amazon. Practically all information is being digitized and made available globally. Physical things like people, buildings and cities were added to ‘hyperspace’ resulting in an explosive network linking the virtual world to the physical world.

  • Archtctr2.0 is interdisciplinary; it combines information and communication technology, new media, game design and electronics. A technical and psychological challenge: Can a spatial interface help us making sense of the ever growing complexity around us? And if it can; how do we design these spaces?

  • Archtctr2.0 resulted in a conceptual design spanning the earth. A virtual info-layer, like the ozone layer, with infinite thickness is imagined. In this layer everything is linked. Nodes representing people or places are settled on their current location. Nodes without a specific geographical location float to a balanced-out destination. The more connections a node has, the bigger it gets, and the higher its position above earth. This is 'Phyrtual space'; where the virtual meets the physical; where data and our tangible world mix.

  • Archtctr2.0 allows exploring the aggregate of 'all' information, people and locations in life-size. The starting point is your personal node surrounded by semi-transparent, penetrable tunnels. You make a selection of your interests by means of an intuitive interface. Now the amount of tunnels increases or decreases and the space expands or shrinks. Entering a tunnel sets you on a journey, traveling at an adjustable speed. The self-organizing property of the network yields opportunities for stops and detours. You will discover new places, meet new people and learn.


Johnny Lee rules! Many thanks and respect to Johnny! | January 4, 2008 @ 4:32 pm

Johnny Lee recently became a very popular guy… His videos of hacked implementations of the WIImote (the Nintendo WII controller) are very well explained, very inspiring and simply awesome!

Here are some of his videos:

I use a similar process tracking the user on the pentagon-shaped floor of the iWeb. Moving your body and your head will move the virtual camera’s which will give a very rich 3d-experience.

The infrared-LED’s I was working with for the tracking weren’t bright and direction-insensitive enough… I’m trying to replace it with something shown here: a bright ir-beamer mounted next to the WIImote and a reflector on your head or clothing.

Because my WIImote can’t be mounted exactly above the floor, it is viewing the floor from an angle which distorts the coordinates of the person-tracking on the floor. I’m calibrating the view such that the coordinated that I get are not distorted by perspective anymore.
more johnny lee…

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iWeb issues. | January 2, 2008 @ 2:57 pm
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hee iBoyz,
Allereerst natuurlijk gelukkig nieuwjaar.Zoals jullie weten heb ik nog 16 dagen te gaan … ik heb al het een en ander voorbereid voor het iWeb, maar het wordt nu tijd om ECHT te gaan klooien.
Zullen er de 18e alweer 5 (of eventueel 3) schermen beschikbaar zijn die samen VR-Virtools kunnen draaien? Ik hoop het echt, want daar ben ik tot nu toe wel vanuit gegeaan … zo niet dan moet ik improviseren dus breng me s.v.p. z.s.m. op de hoogte…Verder heb ik nodig:
-tracking van 1 persoon op de vloer (ledje op je hoofd en cam-tracking? of misschien iets gevanceerders)
-WII-controller (ik wil deze in virtools ggaan gebruiken; dus waarschijnlijk via MAX/msp en OSC… het zou perfect zijn als ik ‘m als een soort 3D-cursor kan gebruiken op alle 5 de schermen, maar kan dat wel zonder 5 sensor-bars?)

Alvast hartelijk dank!
Ik ben van plan om morgewn langs te komen voor de eerste tests.


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P4; Phyrtual space. | December 16, 2007 @ 7:21 pm

the presentation:

the demo:


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Study Plan update (2.0) | December 10, 2007 @ 6:36 pm

As concluded earlier, the former study-plan was sort of a mouthful of vague semi-nonsense. That’s why it is time for an update.

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base26 from toxi | November 30, 2007 @ 6:34 pm

Henriette Bier advised me to take a look at base26 from toxi. Very nice programming. Generating this smooth geometry is not very easy I noticed myself.



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Wooden House in Warp Zone. | November 29, 2007 @ 1:52 pm

I received this from Sandra because of its visual resemblance with my sketches. I think it’s beautiful.


Link: http://blog.miragestudio7.com/2007/06/wooden-house-in-warp-zone/

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Some sketches for your personal hyperspace. | November 27, 2007 @ 6:24 pm

The setup of a link between two spaces:

Warp 2

Impression of the user’s personal view:


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P3: “Duizenden Huyvesen” | November 9, 2007 @ 3:06 pm

Titlescreen P3

Today was the third formal presentation (out of 5).

It was very successful, I’d say.

Some comments by the tutors:


  • It stands or falls by how you will develop this for the P4.
  • Is it virtual and / or physical?
  • What is NEW?


  • What is the RELATION between the virtual and the physical?
  • What do we gain?


  • Will it be a satellite?
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07.01.11 : Revised study plan (v1.1). (PDF)
07.01.11 : Hans' reaction.
07.01.10 : First (v1.0) version of the study plan. (PDF)


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